Moscow Mule

You will need

  • Lemay Vodka

    45 ml

  • "The Great Jamaican" Non-Alcoholic Ginger Spicy Soda

    250 ml

  • Juice of ½ lime

  • 1 slice of lime

  • 2 mint leaves

First Step

    Put your copper mug with stainless steel interior in the freezer first.

    In your copper mug, put two huge ice cubes.

    Second Step

      Squeeze a half-lime on your ice.

      Third Step

        Pour Lemay Vodka.

        Fourth Step

          Add the spicy soda.

          Fifth Step

            Shake slowly for 7 seconds and garnish with two mint leaves and a slice of lime.

            Sixth Step

              Savor the first sip carefully, as the small spicy kick may surprise you. The ideal is to drink your Moscow Mule with your friends who love Lemay vodka from the Distillerie de la Chaufferie! Enjoy!